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Month: July 2015

Our own snow mountain 2015
Blog Challenge Day 20 What happened to all that snow? Today’s challenge was to first think about Winter and then think about Summer…what is happening
Website class group pic
Blog Challenge Day 16 The first challenge that popped into my mind was trying to write daily.  However, I feel I am in good
book study
Blogging Challenge Day 15 I looked at the twitter feed briefly and found a picture someone posted which I love.  The metaphor is lovely
Painting of Sitting Bull at Grand River Casino, SD
Blogging Challenge Day 13 When we study the lives of our leaders and role models, we can help ourselves be stronger people.  In keeping with the
traffic jam buffalo in road
Blogging Challenge Day 11 What happens when things go wrong?  This is a perfect prompt to try and catch up.   After our school