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Month: January 2024

Why I Chose the Challenge (UBC day 31)
I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge UBC) for a few of reasons. One, I “failed” at it before, and wanted to try again. Two,
How to Stay Motivated - Persevere (UBC day 30)
Follow these steps to stay motivated and accomplish your goal . How to Persevere (an acrostic poem) Figure out what to Pay attention to
Banned Books article with comments (UBC Day 28)
Note from Andrea: Like others, I’m saddened by the growing lists of banned books which attempt to silence Native and other BIPOC works. It’s challenging
Your Voice Matters short video (UBC Day 27)
I share my journey as a speaker, and some information about Native American Code Talkers in WWII. For more information, please see my book,
Day in the Life of a Children's Author (UBC Day 26)
Today’s writing prompt asked for a glimpse into my life. Here is my daily routine… One Author’s Daily Schedule Between 4:30 and 6:30am –
5 blog post I discovered (UBC Day 25)
As you know, I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) for the month of January. During this time, I’ve enjoyed reading other