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Category: Code Talkers

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Multicultural Children’s Nonfiction Book Awards Announced The Independent Publisher website announced the book awards for 2019. RECOGNIZING EXCELLENCE IN INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING. THE 2019 INDEPENDENT
Year in review SCT
Sioux Code Talkers Book – Year In Review I feel like I have to go back a little bit before I can move forward.
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Honor for our Veterans – Thank you for your service! Honor for Our Veterans- I will never forget one of my first teaching interview
New interview, article SCT
Read All About It! New Interview, News Article – Sioux Code Talkers I am so grateful for the latest new interview, news article about
welcome to adirondacks
New Author On Tour – Summer, 2017 As a new author on tour this summer, I’ve noticed the response to Sioux Code Talkers has
SCT video interview
Watching a Video Interview Inspires Me as a Teacher and a Writer Now, if you know me, I have always been drawn to stories
Disney Cartoons During World War II Did you know that the Walt Disney Company participated in a positive way during the war effort in