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Category: Writing

Why I Chose the Challenge (UBC day 31)
I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge UBC) for a few of reasons. One, I “failed” at it before, and wanted to try again. Two,
How to Stay Motivated - Persevere (UBC day 30)
Follow these steps to stay motivated and accomplish your goal . How to Persevere (an acrostic poem) Figure out what to Pay attention to
Banned Books article with comments (UBC Day 28)
Note from Andrea: Like others, I’m saddened by the growing lists of banned books which attempt to silence Native and other BIPOC works. It’s challenging
This Is Me poem (UBC Day 24)
As soon as I read this Ultimate Blog Challenge prompt, I felt a poem would be a perfect response. Keep in mind – this
Traditional vs Self-Publishing UBC day 20 blog post
I knew I wanted to pursue traditional publishing. As technology made self-publishing an option, I weighed the pros and cons and made my decision.
Being In Community bucket list (UBC Day 19)
What’s on my bucket list? I’d like to travel and have an extended visit with my family. Both sides. I’d love to be in-community
One Dream Led to Another (UBC Day 18)
First Dream When I was young, I had one dream that led to another dream in my adult life. Fresh out of college, I