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Native American cheat sheet

A True/False Quiz About Native Americans and Code Talking

Let’s see what you’ve learned so far from my previous blog posts…


Question 1     True or False?

Native Americans were not self-sufficient.

[False- People used all their resources (like the buffalo), maintained successful and productive communities for hundreds of years.]


Question 2     True or False?

All Native Americans are the same.

[False- Although there are similar values and beliefs, like caring for Mother Earth, there are 562 nationally recognized tribes with distinct cultures, languages, and traditions.]


Question 3     True or False?

Code Talkers only served in the Pacific Theater.

[False- At this time, there are 33 tribes known to have had code talkers who served in World War I and World War II, in Europe and the Pacific]


Question 4     True or False?

The Navajo Tribe had the largest group of code talkers and sent messages in their own language.

[True and False- The Navajo had nearly 400 men who were trained and served as code talkers. However, the Navajos created a code within their language, so even if other Navajos had listened in, they would not understand the message because it wouldn’t make sense.


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