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New Author On Tour – Summer, 2017

New Author On Tour – Summer, 2017

As a new author on tour this summer, I’ve noticed the response to Sioux Code Talkers has been eye-opening! Each new destination has been a thrilling adventure. I’ve discussed details about my great-uncle’s service as well as my research journey.

Thank you to my friends in the “Just Couples BC” and the Scrappers Book Club. (I also had a special pizza lunch with a group of 8-10 students in June.) I enjoyed the discussions, food, and friendships! Our discussions covered all sorts of topics: Native American history and culture, code talkers in general, and my writer’s journey. 

Thank you to the Adirondack Express and the Weekly Adirondack for promoting the book signing events! I’m very grateful for your support.

And, look! I’m on the same page as the Donut Shop! I’m honored 🙂

Many people came out to the book signings after reading about Sioux Code Talkers in one of your papers. Thank you for getting the word out!

The events wouldn’t happen without some key people to help organize book signings.  Thank you to Reggie at The Adirondack Reader, Inlet, NY! I love your bookstore and you were so kind to have me there.










I’d also like to say thank you to Jodi at the Old Forge Hardware Store, Old Forge, NY for her help in setting up an event. It was a pleasure getting to know you. Who knew the extra copies would sell out before I got there?






Adirondack people work well together! I hope to see you all next year!

I’m happy to see that the Code Talkers are inspiring others, as demonstrated in the successful events so far this summer. It was a pleasure to meet all of you and hear your stories, too!

These events helped me understand the topics of interest from the audience. I also found out my book is appealing to a wider audience than expected. I’ve heard from kids in grades 4-5 all the way up to adults, including veterans.

I’m looking forward to more events in the near future. I’ll try and post them sooner next time!



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