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Sioux Code Talker Research Revealed

My First Online Interview: Research Revealed

I’m so excited to collaborate with my writing friend, Janie Reinart, in this online interview!

Find me over at GROG today.  CLICK HERE to jump to a Q & A and learn more about:

  • my journey as a children’s author
  • my research path
  • what I’m doing now as a writer

Check out Janie’s bio:

Janie is a fellow with the National Writing Project, educator, author, poet and musical storyteller. Janie has a passion for reading and writing. She seeks ways of giving emerging writers of all ages a voice. Dubbed Queen of Words by a student, Janie encourages emergent writers to play with words and to tell their stories through prose and poetry. It is her mission to help others enjoy the sheer joy of writing.

A proud mother of a veteran, Janie had the honor of collecting stories for the anthology, Love You More Than You Know Mothers’ Stories About Sending Their Sons and Daughters to War (Gray & Co., Publishers, 2009, eBook 2012). She blogs about our military heroes at Janie loves clowning around with her thirteen grandchildren, having family and friends over for a home-cooked meal, and traveling and singing with the Holy Angels Church choir in Europe.

Janie also blogs at (the Group blog-GROG for short with other authors who care about readers and writers of all ages. For more information, please check out these links:


Thank you, Janie, for a wonderful chat!


  • So excited to share my Kirkus Review here. Be a friend and share it!
  • Check out my book Sioux Code Talkers of World War II is coming March 1, 2017, published by Pelican Publishing.  Click here for more details.





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