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Sioux Code Talkers Book-Year in Review

Sioux Code Talkers Book – Year In Review

I feel like I have to go back a little bit before I can move forward. Last January, I began to launch my first book, Sioux Code Talkers of World War II. It’s been a wonderful year.

Here is a quick review of the first quarter:

January – Janie Reinart’s interview on the GROG Blog, CLICK HERE

February – A reading about perseverance and visual quotes (sorry about the technical difficulty – the audio starts at 00:44), CLICK HERE

March – Book is released! Yay! And, my daughter and I participated in the Walk in Washington, CLICK HERE

I enjoyed the post-publication events in the next quarter:

April – Gayleen Rabakukk’s Interview on the New Voices section of Cynthia Leitich Smith’s website, CLICK HERE

May – Book Tasting lesson at school and my first public book signing with the fabulous Vivian Vande Velde, CLICK HERE

June – Mary Ann Cianciotto’s video interview with my mom and me, CLICK HERE

The last half of the year I traveled around to promote my book:

July – Adirondack Book Tour  CLICK HERE

August – South Dakota Book Tour CLICK HERE

September – More Newspaper and Online Interviews CLICK HERE

October – Native American Teaching Resources CLICK HERE

Louisiana Book Festival CLICK HERE

November – Rochester Book Festival CLICK HERE

December – More Book Signings at Barnes and Noble

Looking forward to another exciting year!

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