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This Video Interview Inspires Me

Watching a Video Interview Inspires Me as a Teacher and a Writer

Now, if you know me, I have always been drawn to stories and video.  In my first public school job as a 5th grade teacher, my class produced a video show titled “Books-R-Us”, complete with rolling titles and music “Be Happy” (I think that’s the name of the song…it’s been 30 years).  The technology we had available to us back then?  An overhead machine, a continuous roll of overhead sheets, and a personal video camera you held up on your shoulders that used Beta tapes. We worked hard as a class, coming in before school started to film.  I worked on the editing after school at home.  The final video told “the story” of the books we recommended in class- complete with a 5 – Jolt Rating!  (Jolt was the name of a soda pop- not sure if it’s still around)

With each new school year, I continued learning more about digital storytelling as the technology improved. (I will share a project close to my heart in the next blog posts coming up.)  For now, I am still using them in class when I can, but I see a different path forming for me as an author using video. And, some other opportunities are coming into my life right now.

A friend of a friend asked to interview me about the Code Talkers because she never knew of their service.  Maryann Cianciotto came to my book signing in April and then spent a few hours at my home asking a few questions swirling around in her mind.  She found the topic of the Code Talkers fascinating and wanted to use her talents as a videographer to share what she found out with others. I enjoy watching compelling, inspiring videos. However, just as my author eyes have been opened and I “see” other tools of the author’s craft in books, I now “see” other things besides the content when I watch a video. Zooming in and out, transitions, music, etc. The way videographers use these tools are unique and vary in ways that emphasize different parts of the story being told.

I like how Maryann zeroed in on a few questions.  She came prepared to interview my mom and me… with a plan in mind for her final product.  She knew which photos were needed and organized the interview in a way that made the editing and revising process easier for her.  Don’t get me wrong, making a video is time consuming, yet satisfying…and if you can plan to be more efficient while creating the product, go for it!

I’m so pleased that people are becoming curious about the topic of Code Talkers and want to thank you Maryann and Fullscope Productions for being a role model for others who want to share their videos with the world! I am so appreciative for your time, I’m inspired by your talent, and grateful for the interview. Bravo!

Please follow the link and then scroll down to see the video interview…Sioux Code Talkers Book Page



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