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Dove Note for Teachers

Dove Notes: Messages of Love from God

I’m still moving forward one day at a time and trying to focus on getting back to work and back to writing. I recently purchased a new book- not a shocking news update- but I thought for my first post back, I’d mention it.


The first chapter grabbed me, talking about how we teachers are in the right spot to light up the young minds in our classroom and that God helps light the path every step of the way.  It was comforting to read those words especially since I’ve been struggling. (not with school, but with a personal loss) Reading the first few chapters has helped, and God certainly has shown he is there with me.  On a particularly difficult day this past week, I walked into school and within the first hour, I had special deliveries: a card, a beautiful hand decorated poster, and a note…all from three separate people…Including one from a student who just made my day. I will continue to take things one step at a time, and enjoy the small moments in life.  I am in the right spot for now.


I also felt like I should keep the positive feelings moving forward, so I sent out a few handwritten notes of my own.  I hope they helped some others have a joy-filled day.

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