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Cozy Cabins and Time to Write at Highlight’s Summer Camp

Cozy cabins and time to write at Highlight's Summer Camp

It’s been a minute since my last post! I took time off from my blog to focus on my work-in-progress. I write mostly nonfiction, dabble in poetry. After five and a half years, I completed the manuscript I’ve poured my heart and soul into. It’s special and a story I hope makes it to publication someday.

Like any writer, I must keep going while I pray that my work will be published sooner than later.  While I’ve been waiting, I dug out some old manuscripts and polished them too. And, I’m trying to write some fiction for the first time in my life.

Signing up for online classes is so much easier, and I learned more about the creative process and gained some new research tools for writers. (In addition, I wrote some new things in the class that surprised me.) As long as I take away at least one new perspective or tool of writing from these classes, workshops, and/or conferences, I’m happy.  I love learning. 

Writing educator guides has been another blessing. I’ll do some individual posts on those later. Check for updates soon. 

Another gift in the last six months was an invitation to join the faculty at the Highlights Foundation for Nonfiction Summer Camp. I am so honored to be included in this year’s retreat. Going back to the beautiful campus in July is such a treat!

The last time I was at Highlights (pre-pandemic, in person), I was a student and found the place to be magical. Attending a course at Highlights had always been a goal for me. Everyone (students, staff and faculty) was outstanding. 

Ideas, tips, and tools I gathered at the 2019 Nonfiction Summer Camp include:

  • using a mind map to find a writing focus 
  • determining authenticity, in other words, why are you the right person to write this book?
  • how to create an emotional landscape
  • finding the right voice to tell the story
  • gaining confidence as a writer can cause the word count to drop
  • what to include in back matter
  • and so much more…
  • So if you’re looking for a place to learn more writing tips, have time to write and get a boost from community of children’s writers, sign up for Summer Camp at Highlights! Oh, and don’t worry about cooking. Just enjoy the food -it’s amazing!

My mentor, Emma Otheguy, encouraged our small group and provided valuable feedback on our manuscripts during our one-to-one time. (That’s the one I finished!) She was so kind and inspiring.

For more information about this year’s nonfiction summer camp, please visit Highlights Foundation’s website. 

We hope to explore nonfiction, help you dig deep, and hopefully inspire you. Hope to see you there!

Until next time,

Happy Writing,


P.S. I’m still working out a “new” plan for the blog newsletter, so thanks for your patience. 

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