November greetings

Teaching takes over my life in September and October.  I know it happens each year, but I still can’t believe it when I finally get a chance to breathe…and it’s November.


One year ago, on November 20, 2013, I had the opportunity to participate in a ceremony that still lingers with me today.  I’m so proud of the Native American Code Talker Recognition Act.  Gold and silver medals were distributed to many code talker families, including my own.  One gold medal went to each tribe… ours is housed at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal offices in SD/ND.  Silver medals went to one family member (one per code talker)-our two cousins in CO and CA are sharing the silver–, and then anyone could purchase a bronze duplicate.  I have my bronze medal displayed prominently in my living room, next to my great-uncle’s photo.  The ceremonies last year- the dignitaries, the speeches, the Native culture, the people…all resonate with me still today.


I am so thankful to all Veterans and current men and women serving our great country!



Children's Author and Educator

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