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November Update

I survived the last 6 weeks!

  • received my first contract!
  • continued working my first job- teaching
  • completed my formal observation…weeks for that one
  • completed quarter 1 grades
  • completed parent-teacher conferences
  • volunteered (my usual gig) at Rochester Children’s Book Fest
  • completed all my tasks for my second job- writing
  • completed one online course- revised WIP pb – word count cut in half!
  • hosted several weekends of company in between- glad to see family for some very special events (all before Thanksgiving)
  • had Thanksgiving at our house
  • complete revisions for my agent- WIP pb (I have an agent!)
  • playing catch up on my current online writing class
  • there’s more…

I’ve learned many things during this time, mostly that busy people get things done.

Happy Veterans’ Day- I was thinking of all of you.  Thank you for your service!

Happy Thanksgiving- hope yours was fulfilling.

I’ll have to update my pages for Native American Heritage Month.  Can’t wait to share more resources…

See you soon!



Children's Author and Educator

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