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Happy New Year 2016 Writers and Educators!

While thinking of this first post of 2016, the story of the Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind. Slow and steady wins the race.

When I opened up and started my website in 2014, the race began.  I have been slowly learning about website tools and design, what to include on an author website, and how to choose content and blog.  One thing I found while researching all of these topics was that I always start with a QUESTION.

How do I create a website?  What should be included on an author website?

What do I write about in a blog?  Should I blog?  How often should one blog?

The list goes on and on…

The next steps were the same as well.

First, I IMMERSED myself in reading about the topic.  Books, websites, articles, interviews, anything tat applied.  I’ve found that listening to videos and podcasts provide valuable information as well.  So far, I’ve had one notebook a year.  I have a feeling I will have at least two this year as things ramp up in my second job- I am now officially a soon-to-be published children’s author!

Then, I took NOTES.  Lots of notes.  I like to write in a large sketchbook (11X14) is my favorite size.  I also like using a certain pen (PaperMate Ink Joy 700 RT 1.0 M)

sketchbook and pen

Lastly, I noticed that you GO and do something with the new knowledge.  As educators, we develop lessons for the classroom.  As authors, we write and create something to share with the audience.  Hopefully, both end up being inspirational for the kids…so they, in turn, to GO do something to make our world a better place!

So, that’s Quest-ING.


In 2016, my new questions are:

How can I build an appealing and inspiring website?

How does an author market a book?

What is my writing plan for 2016?  (When will I write?  How long?  What will I write about? What and how often will I blog?)

Who will encourage me and help push my work up to professional standards?

How do I connect with others and “put myself” out there in the world?

How do I fit everything (writing, working out, school) into each day, yet still spend time with my family and friends and our Lord?

Those are my questions and my QUEST for this year.  I look forward to IMMERSING myself and GOing forward on this journey.  Continue the SLOW and STEADY in 2016.  I wish you all the best on your 2016 journey.



Children's Author and Educator

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