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5 Blog Posts I Recently Discovered (UBC Day 25)

As you know, I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) for the month of January. During this time, I’ve enjoyed reading other participants’ blogs.

5 Interesting Blog Posts (in no particular order)

Yeomiji Cactus Garden from the Where do you want to go today? Blog. This post fascinates me – how can someone photograph a cactus and make it look appealing? 

Passions – Sourdough & Learning from the blog. I love baking and love learning something new. Baking sourdough bread is still a work in progress for me.

Visual Journal Update from Sun, Moon, Stars (Alice’s Grand Adventures) blog. It’s always nice to see how other people use a journal, especially adding sketches.

Cultivating Gratitude in Children from the All About Gratitude blog brought back memories of one activity I used in my classroom – our “happiness project.”

Comfort Swings Across Species from the Healthy, Happy, Loving Life blog. This post about how pets can provide comfort talks about emotions, and provides a link to an emotional animal rescue of a macaw named Vandal and his new owner, Nadia. Click on the story of Nadia to watch the ~3-4 minute video.

During the January Challenge, there were a variety of bloggers and great posts. Be sure to check out the Ultimate Blog Challenge to learn more.

Enjoy reading!


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