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Who murdered the dress code?

UBC Day 4- PJs in Public, My Dad, and the Bachelor

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, I wonder who murdered the dress code and said it was okay to wear pajamas in public?  I’m talking adults.  I’ve seen kids in pjs during school- on pajama day. You know, like blue and gold day.  Or dress up day.  (Maybe that’s where we’ve gone wrong?)  But lately, I’ve seen dads in pjs at the hotel breakfasts and moms in their pjs at events like the book festival- at 2pm. I can’t get rid of those sights that are burned into my retinas! What is happening?

On the other hand, one of my vivid memories of my dad is of him early in the morning.  My dad would ALWAYS shower and get dressed before he came down for breakfast.  He was awake and alert, ready to face the day.  (XO Dad, we miss you!)

What does this have to do with the writing? While doing some research on my nonfiction book, I came across a diagram for “leadership in the First Cavalry” and I noticed one of the items talked about appearance.  (this is my 10 minute blog post so I’ll insert the facts here when I update in a few days) That Leadership diagram was so impressive and it was also something I can’t forget seeing with my eyes, so I thought I’d share.

Again, this is my 10 minute very, very, very rough draft.  I’m all over the place, I know. I’m actually murdering this blog post, but my last thought is about the bachelor.  Apparently, one girl showed up in footy pajamas to meet the Bachelor tonight?  I laughed when my daughter explained how she introduced herself…”hoping you’re my onesie…” or something like that. Poor Ben, what was he thinking at that moment?


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