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10 minutes to write

January Blog Challenge 3

This is one of those 10 minute blogs.  I planned out a schedule to write blog posts twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then round out the week with one Dove Note post on Sundays. Then, every two weeks (right now), I will send out a newsletter campaign.  I just sent out my first one!

I’ve been up since 3am, writing, organizing- I couldn’t sleep thinking about all the tasks I have to dive into this week.  I go back to work (my full time job) tomorrow and have to get in the groove there too.  Anyway, back to the newsletter campaign.  I finally chose a template and uploaded a couple photos and set up the first weeks.  Now, it should be easier to replace the text and send out the next newsletter in a few weeks. But, as I learn more about websites and newsletters, I end up having more questions.  For example, now that I’m looking at all my posts, some have been listed as gallery and some as standard.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t click any button to change this. Why did it do that on it’s own?


One step forward, and two steps backward…until you figure things out.  Perseverance and diligence is the key.

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