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Being In-Community Bucket List (UBC Day 19)

What's on my bucket list?

I’d like to travel and have an extended visit with my family. Both sides. I’d love to be in-community with my cousins. And I have several destinations I’d like to see while I’m still active. 

To name three places, I’d choose Standing Rock, Australia, and Germany.

Standing Rock Oyate

I enjoy visiting South and North Dakota, but it would be nice to have an extended stay on the reservation. Being in-community is always too short. I’d like to spend a couple weeks, helping with projects for the elderly, seeing how the immersion school (where only Lakota is spoken) works for children. I’d love to learn about plants and medicines and cooking, making quilts and ribbon skirts, and be immersed in our culture. I hear about all the good things my cousins are involved in and I’d like to participate too. 

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting here most often, but only short bursts at a time. I’m grateful for our current technology which helps me stay in touch with my extended family.


I was lucky enough to have an extended visit with my family back in the 1970s. My fond memories include cityscapes and farm life, kangaroos, wallabys, dingoes, and wombats, and large stone structures in a park. Spending weeks with faraway family was incredible, and I hope to visit sooner than later. I miss my Australian cousins dearly. 

windmill in germany royalty free photo


I remember our last trip to Germany in 2002 with fondness, as it was the last international vacation we took with my father. He loved being with his family and friends. We experienced a joyful and memorable trip across the country. I hope to hug my aunts and uncles and cousins again soon.

Lastly, travel time equals reading time. My stack keeps growing- so many books on my bucket list! It’s time to travel.

What’s on your bucket list?


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