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How to Stay Motivated – Persevere (Day 30)

Follow these steps to stay motivated and accomplish your goal .

How to Persevere (an acrostic poem)

Figure out what to Pay attention to – what’s really important?

                                          Educate yourself – find answers to the 5 Ws and beyond

    Give you brain a Rest when you hit a wall – “Naps are the secret weapon of many artists”  (according to Austin Kleon in his book KEEP GOING p159) 

                                         Slow down to process and practice – don’t forget to play

                                        Everyone benefits from good friends and mentors – connect with others

                                        Venture outside – enjoy a nature walk or other creative activities

            Tap all your sEnses – smells, tastes, sounds, feelings, texture, sights

                                         Remember to hope – for answers to obstacles

                     CelebratE small moments of success on your way to meet your end goal!


Perseverance, Determination, Fortitude – you’ve got this!


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