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Someone I Admire (UBC Day 3)

UBC writing prompt #3 - Who is someone I admire and why?

People I admire are role models who help me see possibilities. This prompt asks for one person, but I write with a community surrounding me. So I’ll list one influencer per group.

Family and Teaching

Family – My husband supports my efforts and encourages me. He reads all of my bad drafts and comments honestly. He demonstrates a “good mind” and always leans towards positive thinking and solutions. He holds me up when needed – he’s amazing. 

My teaching colleagues supported my 20 year journey through research and writing my first book. They cheered me on when others tried to tear me down.  I cherish their friendship. Everyone of my teammates deserves a cheer!

Writing Community

My RACWI group – There are so many people who I hold in high esteem. Collectively, they demonstrate curiosity and a “don’t give up” attitude. One role model who took me under her wing, my nonfiction mentor, was the late Carol Johmann. Her expertise helped guide me in structure, craft, and story.

My Native writing group- Again, there are so many incredible authors who I marvel at and look to for advice and knowledge. Each of them makes me see possibilities and has opened a door for me, included me, and shares the same enthusiasm for raising Native voices in the world of children’s literature. Cynthia Leitich Smith stands out as the one who broke through barriers in the publishing world so we can all pursue a career in writing for children. I admire her bravery, perseverance, and generosity because she always makes time to help others. 


*Please forgive the brevity in my posts the next few days. One of the reasons I signed up for this challenge is to work on my website. I’m splitting my time between answering the prompts and working on the technology behind the scenes as well. 

Who is someone you admire and why? Please leave a comment below.

Happy Writing!




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