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Starting the New Year with One Word – Community

Happy New Year!

It’s time to try again – whatever your goals may be. Over the years, I’ve seen different ways of approaching New Year’s goals – what do you hope to accomplish?

  • Be more active and spend time with family?
  • Be present in what you’re doing?
  • Set some SMART goals?
  • Choose one word for the year?

There are a plethora of ways to get focused in 2024. I’m starting the year with one word – Community.

Deadlines motivate me,  so I’ve joined a couple of communities with daily “deadlines” for month of January.

As a writer, I found two online sites that will help brainstorm new ideas.

Goals, January 2024

Over the years, I’ve tried to finish each of the prompts, but never finished. Things got in the way. But…just last year, I finally made it through all 30-31 posts and generated a plethora of ideas. (prompt #1 start with an absurd word) And I looked back at my notebook from time to time in 2023 for current WIPs. I’m excited to see if I can meet the challenge this year.

Way back when… I first started working on a website, blogging was the thing to do. I signed up for this month-long challenge, and tried to keep up with the daily prompts but didn’t have a focus. I do this year – supporting my Native Creative community. I hope to complete the 31-day challenge. 

Dedication of Native Creatives Cabin at Highlights Foundation 2023

I’m grateful for my Native writing community – Click here to watch a short video. 

January to March – I’m booked 🙂

Finally… I have some deadlines for WIPs from now until March – Yippee! Things are finally moving forward.  After that, I hope to tackle a couple of year-long tasks – gotta keep busy!

I’d love to know what you’re working on – What goals and challenges are you trying to meet this year? Please leave a comment below.

Happy Writing!


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4 thoughts on “Starting the New Year with One Word – Community”

  1. Andrea, I am 87 years old and have written and published on Amazon a fictional book about the life on the Pine Ridge Reservation. In 1936, a twelve year old Lakota is orphaned when his mother passes, and a tribal elder assumes his parental guardianship. Your book, “Sioux Code Talkers of WWII”, provided the impetus I needed to finish “Little Man, Old Man…four piles of rocks”. Little Eagle becomes a Code Talker in WWII, and again in Korea. At 87, I chose Amazon because I felt I didn’t have the time to try submitting through the traditional publishing route. A book club in Florida urged me to write a sequel, and Little Man has become a trilogy. The second book, “Why Not Me , a sniper’s life” will be released this April, and I have started writing the third book, “Passing the Pipe, a life of giving”, that chronicles Little Man’s life from the end of the Korean War to his death in 2014. As an ordained Lutheran Pastor his life is spent serving the Lakota on the reservation and counseling returning Lakota veterans at the VA in Hot Springs, SD. I would love to travel to visit with you and get your opinions about my work. Best always, and thanks for the blessed impetus you provided. Dan Berdahl

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