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This is Me (UBC Day 24)

As soon as I read this Ultimate Blog Challenge prompt, I felt a poem would be a perfect response. Keep in mind – this is a draft!

This Is Me

by Andrea M. Page


When I was younger,

I abandoned any fear, 

running on overgrown dirt trails, 

     (alongside my siblings) 

down to a waterfall, where 

     everything was wet with mist, 

          crawling crayfish, 

               and glistening spiderwebs.

We’d splash, 

     catch, release, 

          and climb 

               all afternoon.


The truth is our summer friends 

were curiosity and wonder.


When I was a young writer, 

I abandoned my fear 

     of being too late. 

I leaned on 

     curiosity and wonder 

     to grow in my craft, 

     to learn from new friends and mentors, 

     soaking up their wisdom, 

     playing with a waterfall of words, 

          overgrown, mucky,

               mind-boggling seed ideas 

                    and drafty-drafts.

Wonder and curiosity not wasted, 

     but embraced.


The truth is, being an author is hard work, 

done mostly in solitude. 


But everyday I look up to the sky, 

     wide…vast…open to possibility, 

in gratitude for my journey, 

     my family and community. 

My heart is filled with 


and love for writing for children.

This is me.



Children's Author and Educator

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