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Top 18 Quotes- Year in Review 2019

Top 18 Quotes – Year in Review 2019

I thought it would be a fun way to look back at 2019 and share the top quotes I heard this year.

  1. “When your former student becomes your boss, it may be time to retire.” ~Andrea Page
  2. “The first time a reader meets a character and starts the journey, the character should be likeable with flaws (authentic), at the reader’s age group (accessible), and have command of the book (believeable authority).” ~Alyson Heller and Dee Romito at West/Central SCBWI Conference
  3. “The two most important words in a novel are need and want.” ~Darcy Pattison at SCBWI Voice Retreat
  4. “Finding your authenticity may be the key to finding your place in NonFiction.” ~Rob Sanders at Highlights Foundation
  5. “How do we convey to kids that these stories are important?” ~Emma Otheguy at Highlights Foundation
  6. “Writers need to find an incident in the character’s life when they were a child and tell that part of their story… in a point of view that appeals to them.” ~Carole Boston Weatherford at Highlights Foundation
  7. “Research determines format…which is revealed in the first lines.” ~Lesa Cline-Ransome at Highlights Foundation
  8. “Places we love can also be places that oppress us – but we can grow, bud, and flourish…” ~Emma Otheguy
  9. “NonFiction writers breathe life into the past.” ~Carole Boston Weatherford
  10. “Celebrate someone’s life from a child’s eye view. See the story through a kid’s lens – What do kids find interesting, honest, and authentic about the character?” ~Lesa Cline-Ransome
  11. “…Word (patterns) woven throughout a piece of writing help tie the writing altogether creating a feeling of completeness.” ~Rob Sanders
  12. “Backmatter is a way out of the story and allows the reader to explore further on his or her own.” ~Heidi Stemple
  13. “Protect your writing time.” ~Lesa Cline-Ransome
  14. “Take a nature walk and keep an eye out for a battle between two forces. Use them to create new characters.” ~Vivian Vande Velde WtW Author Interview
  15. “Appreciate the natural world around us, the diversity of life…” ~Susannah Buhrman-Deever WtW Author Interview
  16. “Listen. Try new writing ideas out. Reflect. Find the heart of the story.” ~Keely Hutton WtW Author Interview
  17. “Discover and explore. Science, like writing, is an ongoing process.” ~Kevin Kurtz WtW Author Interview
  18. “Librarian Rudine Sims Bishop coined the terms window and mirror books – books provide mirrors for children to see themselves and their culture reflected back while window books allow children access to see inside other people’s experiences.” ~WNDB (We Need Diverse Books) Panel
  19. BONUS – “Write daily to “stay in the story” whether its two pages a day or 12 minutes a day- if that’s all you have for time.” ~Linda Sue Park

Happy New Year!

P.S. check back again- I’m still curating one more set of photos. 🙂

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