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Lily Won! New Possibilities for Native Children (UBC Day 14)

Lily Won!

When Lily Gladstone (Blackfeet / Nez Perce) won a Golden Globe for her role in Killers of the Flower Moon, she started her acceptance speech with a greeting Blackfeet language. 

“… I’m so grateful that I can speak even a little bit of my language, which I’m not fluent enough here, because in this business Native actors used to speak their lines in English and then the sound mixers would run them backwards to accomplish Native languages on camera. This is an historic one."

She talked about her win, her childhood, and her family HERE.  (Today Show Interview)

“This is for every little rez kid, every little urban kid, every little Native kid out there who has a dream, who is seeing themselves represented and our stories told, by ourselves, in our own words.”

Her words resonated with Native artists, who shared their drawings on social media. She posted one on her instagram HERE. 

Hearing her words made a difference that night.

Reading the words that Native authors write and experiencing the artwork of Native illustrators can open new doors for young readers too. Engaging stories can help Indigenous children see themselves in books – and imagine new possibilities just like Lily did for others at the Golden Globes. 

Thank you Lily, for opening a door for Native Creatives! 


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