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Day in the Life of a Children’s Author (UBC Day 26)

Today’s writing prompt asked for a glimpse into my life. Here is my daily routine…

One Author's Daily Schedule

Between 4:30 and 6:30am – Time to get up and pray, stretch, then write.

**I have a large notebook and write by hand. If I’m starting a project, I use writing prompts from a variety of craft books. Or, I’ll use my research to revise. I have at least three works-in-progress – one new, two in revision.

7:30am – Stop to stretch and make coffee

7:30ish  – Type up my notes, a drafty-draft!   (a term coined by my writing friend, Stacy)

~10:00 or 11am – Stop to exercise, eat breakfast/lunch, make phone calls

~1:00pm If I can, go back to work – READING books in the genre I’m writing, emails, meetings, or anything else listed in my planner. 

**My husband reminds me that I am “retired,” so I make time for my family. We enjoy biking, baking, golfing, movies, etc. This is also the time for appointments, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc.

~4:00pm If I we’re eating at home, I start cooking for 6:00pm dinner.

~6:00pm Dinner

~7:00pm if we have company, we’ll play card games. Or I have monthly writing meetings some nights, or webinars during this time too. Or I might go back to writing and revising if I’m on a deadline. 

~8:30pm Time to settle down. We watch some shows or stream a movie. 

~10-10:30pm Good night!

This is a sample of one of my days, but I’m flexible and do what needs to get done and enjoy retirement too!




Children's Author and Educator

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