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Why I Chose the Challenge (UBC Day 31)

I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge UBC) for a few of reasons. One, I “failed” at it before, and wanted to try again. Two, I knew the challenge would help me focus on my website.Three, I work best on a deadline. 

Ultimate Blog Challenge, January 2024

I had a new idea of what to share on my blog and January seemed like a great place to start. This time around, I felt less confused about the expectations. I was insecure when I was started blogging 10 years ago and was afraid to post. Over time, I’ve learned how create content, and zeroed in on a niche that connected my blog to my author career. I read the prompts – ideas popped into my head! It was a good feeling.

Meeting Obstacles

I had website hiccups (I knew I wanted to fix a few things and my website person, Dara, has been super helpful!) that hindered progress. But at the same time I became more efficient using other technology tools (like making short videos). Still I fell behind.

I have other deadlines January through March that were a priority, so I knew I had to plan my time to get things done. Writing prompts take time to answer and post. I found myself playing catch up most of the time. “Being behind” in a challenge is the worst feeling.

However, I was determined to NOT miss a deadline! I had to learn to “let go” of some things in order to work faster…and I finished the challenge by the end of the month. PHEW!

Kudos for UBC

I would recommend the UBC for individual goals, but to also meet new people and see what matters to them. I read many different blog posts over the month and tried to comment as much as possible. It’s important acknowledge and recognize people and their work. 

Thank you, Paul Taubman, for inviting us to join in your challenge. It made January fly by and helped me develop new habits and skills.




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6 thoughts on “Why I Chose the Challenge (UBC Day 31)”

  1. Failure and mistakes can be a learning experience to highlight what the true meaning of success is.: getting up after falling down, and the old saying, try try again. It applies to this and any other challenge we undertake!! Kudos!

  2. I’ve never joined a blogging challenge before. I have a hard time writing an article per month as it is haha. But kudos to you for trying it again and succeeding this time.

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