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Music Man’s Legacy – Community Kindness

Way to Go Wednesday 5

Read HOSEA PLAYS ON and find out about the music man’s legacy – community kindness. Children’s author Kathleen Blasi released her new book recently and her work, as well as illustrator Shane Evans, is attracting lots of attention. 

HOSEA PLAYS ON is a “fictional tribute to a local musician whose dedication to music has a long-lasting effect on his community.”  Read more at Kirkus Reviews

Kathleen introduces us to Hosea, a man whose passion is to help others. During her research interviews, Kathy found this passion for kindness did not go unnoticed by his close friends and relatives. Hosea cared so deeply for others in his community and generously shared his time and talents with others. This picture book is beautifully written and illustrated and once you read it, the story will linger in your heart.

Way to Go Kathy!

In this video interview, find the answers to these questions about Kathleen Blasi:

  • What excites you about your book?
  • Which page is your favorite and describe it.
  • How do you write? What is your writing process?
  • Do you have any quirky writing habits?
WtW5 Author Interview with Kathleen Blasi HOSEA PLAYS ON

Curriculum Connections


  • Writing well takes time and effort
  • Writers revise…a lot
  • Writers need other writers to help make suggestions to improve
  • Read book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. and write your own
  • Use sensory details other than sight


  • color palettes evoke emotion
  • An artist tells a story in his/her artwork


  • working together helps the whole community
  • Serving others well helps the whole community
  • Quiet, passionate, humble leaders will not go unnoticed


  • Saxophone music, smooth not clicky
  • Music soothes the soul

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NOTE: Way to go Wednesday video interviews will be changing to every other month so that I can focus my attention on my current WIP.



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