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Month: January 2017

family connections past present
We Are All Connected When I first started researching my family history story, (my great-uncle’s service as a Sioux Code Talker) I began to
Secret Honor family warrior
Honor Family History Stories and Warrior Crazy Horse Listen to the audio recording that honors family history.  I make connections with some of my family
T-F NA and CT
A True/False Quiz About Native Americans and Code Talking Let’s see what you’ve learned so far from my previous blog posts…   Question 1
CS results and summary
American Indian Case Study Continued… Part 4 Results There were several issues at the turn of the century, but there are three most urgent
Results of Resistance image
Native American Indian Case Study Part 3 Results of Resistance The values of cooperation and generosity were (are) important in the Sioux culture. However, when
values and gold
Part 2: Native American Indian Values and Discovery of Gold More Background Traditional Native American Indian Values sometimes have contrasting values with non-Native values.
NACase Study Pt 1 values buffalo
Part 1: American Indian Case Study: Values and Buffalo Introduction and Background There are 562 recognized tribes in America and each on varies from