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Category: Craft

Research Challenges for Children's Authors (UBC Day 22)
Children’s authors writing nonfiction or fiction will find a time when they must do some research. Here are some research challenges and links to
Importance of Sharing Native Books (UBC Day 10)
A New Wave of Native Publisher Works Video In November 2023, I gave a book talk for teachers, librarians and other readers who were
How I got started in my niche blog post
Happy Writing! Andrea Related Posts Native Authors Craft the Best Sentences World Read Aloud Day Questions & Answers and Book List
B&N book signing dec 2017
How can we choose to improve our writing voice?  I know when I was teaching writing to my students, voice was one of the
Writer Andrea Page
2018 Begins: New Year, New Projects, New Resources Welcome to the New Year! I’ve learned so much since last year’s start as a published
I had the opportunity to take a 10 week picture book class with Joyce Sweeney last summer and now she is offering two more