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4 reasons why to say YES- do an author event!

When you say YES and do an author event, you gain 4 bonuses!

Watch the video below to find out what unexpected gifts I gained by saying YES to an in-person author event.

When you go to a new place, you gain so much.  You personally connect to your audience.  An in-person author event allows for you to give your knowledge and take in what matters most to the people who show up for your event.  I learned about what the audience was interested in by listening to their questions after the presentation.

You get to show your competence in your area of expertise through interviews and presentations.  You are validated as an expert in your book’s topic.

You know you are wholeheartedly behind your project. You will become immersed in the environment around you and be able to experience the culture of the area of the people who invited you.

The trip is well worth the effort!

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