Visual Storytelling 7-Day Mystery Challenge

Visual Storytelling 7-Day Mystery Challenge

I accept your challenge, Kathy Streb! Seven days of black and white mystery photos…no people, everyday life.  I’ll be revising this post each day with a new photo. Enjoy!

Day 1

Day 2










Day 3







Day 4











Day 5










Day 6





THANKS for joining me at the Fairport Museum this morning! I enjoyed our talk about Native American Indian Code Talkers.  The crowd asked some great questions, which I was happy to answer.  I appreciated being invited!


Day 7


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Sunday December 3rd at Greece B&N

Thank you to all who came out to Greece and Pittsford Barnes & Noble stores to support local authors.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed our conversations.


MYSTERIES revealed at the end of the week…what are these photos all about?

Day 1- A golf date with my husband

Day 2- Student project work at school

Day 3- Cannoli cake at Grandpa Sam’s Restaurant- Yum!

Day 4- Admiring feather artwork while shopping

Day 5-  Morning at our favorite lake in the Adirondacks

Day 6- Renovations in our home have taken longer than expected…patience! It’s going to be fabulous!

Day 7- Appropriate…Prayers and faith are what get me through… and on this day, we lost a beloved member of our family unexpectedly. Sometimes we don’t understand God’s plan, but we have to trust and have faith.



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