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A 2 week hiatus – rejuvenated

Taking a rest, on such a long “run” was what I needed.

I’ve been told I try to do too much. Maybe I did, but I waited 20 years to get to March 1st, the day my book was finally released. And, I had other priorities too. And, I’ve missed you!

I ended up missing my half-marathon race due to injuries…again.

I wasn’t able to write creatively.  My brain was focused on the next task in my book launch (not to mention my day job)

I’ve been honored to meet with some retiree book clubs to discuss my book. These are people who were with me on most of my journey.  They were just as excited to see my hard work come out in print as I was.

And, did I mention my day job?  Everyday I go in to work with kids who want to learn, are curious, compassionate… and are ready for summer! (shhh…me, too)

So I took a little breather, a 2-week hiatus, and stepped away from here. I finally got some revisions done, cleaned up my office a bit, put a new, fun tracking calendar up (one for writing and one for running), and have been walking again. I feel better organized and refreshed.

I’m planning my content this week, and then I’ll be back to posting on the regular schedule. See you next week!


**On another note, please pray for the residents who live on the Lake Ontario shoreline that are in danger of losing everything. The higher lake levels coupled with the large amount of rain we’ve been receiving this spring have been flooding areas and slowly eroding their yards.  People have already lost their yards, but their homes are teetering on the edge of falling into the lake.  Insurance does not cover “erosion loss” and they will lose everything.

Click here for a news article with information, video, and photos.


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