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Category: Teaching

7 Native Resources for Authors, Teachers and Librarians (UBC day 7)
Resource Links Dear Authors, Teachers, Librarians and Parents,  I hope your find this list of links to a variety of Native resources useful. Smithsonian’s
WCM Trifold Board
Research Connects Students to School History I’ve always wanted my kids to learn about the people who are honored with school names in our
models to establish digital writing expectations
Using Models to Establish Digital Writing Expectations Writing in the classroom is changing at a rate faster than the speed of light, or at
NA teaching resources 5 websites
Native American Teaching Resources: 5 Helpful Websites Many classrooms are using more and more technology.  Here are some Native American Teaching Resources: 5 Helpful
buncee 10
Cool Classroom Tech Tool, Buncee Ambassador This school year started off on the right foot with news that as a Buncee Ambassador, I will
tshirt 3
The Art of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom There is a process to learning how to teach the art of digital storytelling.  First, you
teaching creativity in classroom brain science
How are you teaching creativity in the classroom? Years ago, I picked up a book titled 100 IDEAS FOR TEACHING CREATIVITY by Stephen Bowkett,