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God Comforts and Shields

Dove Notes: Love Notes from God

Psalm 28:7

The Lord is my strength and my shield: My heart trusts in Him and I am helped.

When you need God the most, how does he comfort you?

Even though it’s been nine years since the death of my father, I still struggle at times. I miss him. In addition, these last few years have been particularly tough for our family and friends. We have faced illnesses, physical/emotional pain, and more deaths. Where is God when we need him?

How do I know he is near?

I feel the gentle touch of His embrace every time my daughters comfort me. It’s instinct for them. They somehow know–they come and sit right next to me, (fluttering in like birds) one on each side of me, at exactly the same time. This has happened at every low point I can remember in the last several years. (without getting into many details, our family/friends have had organ transplants, battled cancer, dealt with severe anxiety, and survived the deaths of children) But, I know God is near. My girls hold my hands, they give me a hug, they stay just long enough to let me know they love me (I know they do…). I realize now, that is God’s love pouring out of them and touching me, comforting me, and letting me know he is beside me during these tough times. He is my strength and I trust in Him. Thank you, Lord, for gifting me compassionate children.

Dear Lord, pour out your love to my family/friends who have these HUGE challenges in their lives. Please let them feel your loving touch as well. Let them know you are near. Give them strength to carry on. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.



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