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Visual Tech Tool for Classrooms

Buncee- a Visual Tech Tool for Classrooms

I’ve been blessed to be part of a wonderful community this school year.  The Buncee company has welcomed me and other ambassadors, encouraged us to create and share ideas, and trained us to use this wonderful visual tech tool with our students. As a Buncee Ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to use Buncee in my classroom and watch my students thrive!

Image Writing Lesson slides

Buncee is an online creation and presentation tool that you can use too!  It’s kid and user friendly and I’ve found it to be very motivating in my ELA classroom.

The graphics and resources include all the other subjects as well and I enjoy learning how other ambassadors and our trainer Sean Farnum create buncees to use in a variety of ways. Check out the resource library to get started in your own classroom! There is a free version (online and as an app) to try out some basic features. That’s how I got hooked! The photos show just a few examples of how I use Buncee in my classroom.

Students present their work created with Buncee

One of the benefits of using Buncee is how excited the kids get once they get used to how to work the “canvas.”  We started slowly, and little by little this year, I’ve figured out a logical way to set up and manage five classes in Buncee. Motivation increased and other teachers on my team have stated they noticed the kids really like Buncee. If you’d like to find out more about increased engagement and how I manage my online classroom environment, read on here:

Buncee: The Tech Tool to Increase Student Engagement   Enjoy!

[P.S.- one thing I want to clarify…I’m taking a different approach and working slowly incorporating Blended Learning in my classroom.  Pieces are coming together nicely, but I’m taking my time embracing the whole strategy with my students. Buncee is helping me have the confidence to try…]

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