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Monday Warm Up with Jo Knowles

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Here is my response to Jo Knowles Monday Morning Warm Up, located at:


Full of Heart

When I think about

my sister,

I am in awe.

She is loving, dedicated,

steadfast and determined,

and most of all perseveres

through all kinds of weather

like a postman.

She rides the ups and downs

of her personal rollercoaster,

(as a young wife of a heart, and now kidney, transplant survivor)

with grace and patience.

Sometimes she is confident

and other times she needs a pick-me-up.


I’m glad I can be:

a hug, to surround her with love

a voice, to cheer her on, to reassure her

an ear, to listen to her fears, her pains

a crutch, for her to lean on

a chef, to nourish her and her two young kids

a prayer, to feed her soul.


I am a better person because of my

amazing sister.




Children's Author and Educator

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