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Blog Challenge Day 16

The first challenge that popped into my mind was trying to write daily.  However, I feel I am in good shape with that task.

So, the second challenge is the one I will write about and it is all about creating a website and putting myself out into the world of social media.


I had the good fortune to start slowly.  I am generally a shy person and fearful of sharing “me”, my life, my writing with the world.  It takes me a while to get used to things.  I tend to process slowly, but eventually, I work through it.  So, after years of watching other writing friends design their websites, I decided it was time.  That was January of 2014.


I went to our local writers’ community and found a course on website design for authors.  I arrived early for class (the weather was horrible) and hung out, warming up with some tea.  When I arrived in the classroom, another woman appeared in the doorway within minutes.  We were both at least an hour early, so we had a chance to talk.  Four hours later, we both came away from the class with the same disappointing impression.  I still didn’t know what to do or how to start building a website.  I thought I would hire someone to set it up, but I didn’t even end up with that information.  BUT, one of the best things I gained was a new writing friend, Sharon Lochman. Just as unexpected as our meeting was, so was the surprise opportunity to learn about author websites.  In the summer 2014, Sherry and I joined a website design class with Darcy Pattison, and our author websites were born!

website class small group

I’m still learning slowly, but it’s nice to have a writing friend who shares the same path in website design as myself.


Thank you, Darcy Pattison, for introducing me to the world of author websites!  You are a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher.



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