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Studying Author’s Craft

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Changing Teaching Focus

Each year, I try something new in how I deliver my instruction.  This year I decided to change the focus of my lesson from using reading strategies to investigating what do writers do.  This seems to be a simple change, and I’m excited to see how it affects my teaching and the kids’ learning.


I’ve noticed this slight change in view has streamlined my daily lessons.  We are currently studying poetry and collecting poems. I’ve had the kids read a variety of poems.  They are immersed in poetry I provide but also in poems of their choice.  I have 4 buckets of poetry books in my classroom they can choose from but they can also search for poems on the internet.


Lastly, I’ve asked the kids to think about a “theme” and start to collect poems by copying them down by hand.  A theme could be: nature, family, love, sports, dogs, kittens…whatever they choose.


That’s where we started.  I’m excited to see what happens. I’ll continue to post my lessons- stop back and see for yourself.



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