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Scratch That Itch!

Itching to be Creative?

I read a lot.  I study the craft of Teaching and I study the craft of Writing.  (I don’t have much extra time right now to read for pleasure)  I’m playing with my time.  Trying to figure out how to fit everything in.  If I learned anything in September, October, and November…it’s that I CAN find the time somehow.  I used a modified version of the bullet journal to keep organized. (when I have a chance, I’ll add the links in here)


One of the books I’m reading now is by Joanna Penn of  She mentioned a 10-minute commitment to writing a blog post.  So, here’s my first one.


The local news highlighted the newest trend…adult coloring books.  Haven’t you wanted to color as an adult. There’s something comforting about it.  It made me think what else I like to do to scratch the itch of creativity. I’ve been SOOO wanting to write, paint, draw, cook, bake, run…  (add to the wish list)


One of my daughter’s is very artistic, studying to be an art therapist. It’s been interesting listening to her talk about “data” (arrghh- teacher word?!)  and what happens to the mood of a person AFTER they sketch or doodle for 15 minutes.  Who doesn’t like to get into the ZONE.  It’s a great feeling.


So- drop what you’re doing right now, go pick up a crayon…spatula…running shoe…something and go access your brain in a different way.  Be creative!



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