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Things Go Wrong

Blogging Challenge Day 11

What happens when things go wrong?  This is a perfect prompt to try and catch up.


After our school year ended late in June, I was looking forward to de-compressing and spending time reading and writing.  This hasn’t happened, yet.


You see, we have been doing renovations inside our home since March.  These are coming to an end, but the “packing and unpacking of the rooms” cycle is disrupting every other aspect of my life.  Things have gone wrong- or not the way I’ve planned.


I have learned to be flexible. I try to solve the glitches, the interruptions, and other problems by being as organized as possible.  Yet, I still have to juggle appointments, calling ahead to reschedule if needed.  I double-booked again this week, but at least I recognized it 3 days ahead. (small victory)  I squeeze in unexpected family visits and physical therapy for my running injuries.  I tend to fill my schedule…too much.


A solution?  I try not to miss a beautiful day outside.  I enjoy taking my dog for a walk.  I enjoy sipping coffee and reading outside on my deck.  I try to keep my chin up, pray for guidance, and keep moving forward.


Note:  Things that go wrong…the photo above shows a traffic jam in South Dakota recently.  (photo by Fr. A. Benso)

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