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Author Interview – Asteroid, Boom, Crater, Doom

Way to Go Wednesday 4 

Congratulations Kevin Kurtz on your newly released book titled INTO THE CRATER OF DOOM!

This is Kevin’s 14th book and it is fascinating. Who isn’t curious about how dinosaurs became extinct? Kevin explains what inspired him to write this book. He even had the opportunity to go on an expedition with scientists to investigate the enormous underwater crater. And he shares some research surprises. 

Take a look and listen to details about the asteroid that went boom, creating a crater and causing doom!

WtW4 Author Interview with Kevin Kurtz

How to use this book in the classroom

Science content – discoveries, direct/indirect evidence, theories change over time

ELA content – tone and mood, word choice

Art content – how do the illustrations support the text?

Music content – What kind of sound effects would make the digital story stronger and support the mood?

NOTE: Please be patient. Science is still in the making and Kevin’s book release was pushed back. I’ll let you know when I know the release date.

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