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Author Study Research Questions

Q & A Author Study Research Questions

Students are often asked to do an author study for a research project.  The project allows students to choose an author to research, ask questions, gather information, and create a project to present. I remember learning about different authors in my literacy classroom.

I’ll share some resource sites, curate some school resources, and then I’ll include a Q & A section.  I was asked to provide a few details about myself as an author.  (Happy Book Birthday month!)

One of the reasons why I loved guiding my students through this project is to watch them make connections to an author of their choice and even become inspired by him/her.  The reading, the excitement, the surprises all shared with me and others always made me smile. Here is the Reading Rockets website guide (toolkit) to completing an author study.

Bright Hub offers a comprehensive guide to author studies is another great resource for teachers.

I like how Daily Teaching Tools provides a model for a friendly letter to an author. Rubrics and other resources are included on this website, too.

Our Rochester Area Children’s Writers and Illustrators (RACWI) website has links to many authors’ websites if you’re looking for a quick list of authors.

Questions & Answers with Author Andrea Page

Where are you from?

I grew up in Rochester, NY.  Rochester is located between Buffalo and Syracuse, and I still live here.  My husband and I raised four fantastic children. Our family has grown to include two fabulous daughter-in-laws and three beautiful grandchildren and we’re looking forward to more.


Where did you go to college? What degree do you have?

I stayed close to home and was graduated from St. John Fisher College (B.S. degree) and Nazareth College (M.A. degree).  I studied child and adolescent psychology, education methods, and reading / literacy.

What other jobs did you have besides writing?

I have been a teacher for more than 30 years. I taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Most of my years were spent as a teacher of Science, Math, and English.

Who or What inspired you to become a writer?

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write. I remember my 4th or 5th grade teacher commenting on my creativity and that I had good ideas for stories. It took me a long time to figure out how to write. I became hooked on writing when I started to really read and enjoy books in my late teens.

What genre do you enjoy writing?

I’ve tried to write a mid-grade fictional novel, but I struggled with it and didn’t finish.

It was based on a strong, determined young girl who had a positive influence on others and overcame many obstacles…always with a smile.  She was based on a real student I had many years ago, someone who inspired me…even though she was only 12 at the time.

I may go back to it in the future, but for now, I figured out I like to write nonfiction. I really like reading about inspiring people and science/nature topics. Some of the authors and illustrators who inspire(d) me are:

Lois Lowry (Number the Stars and Stargirl)

Ellen Raskin (The Westing Game)

Laura Purdie Salas (Water Can Be and others)

Barb Rosenstock (Fearless and Noisy Paint Box)

Kadir Nelson (Heart and Soul)

Cynthia Leitich Smith (Jingle Dancer, and more)

and so many more…

Where do you get your ideas for your writing?

I observe and wonder about photos that I see- usually old photos from a different time. I jot down a lot of questions and try to find out the answers. There are so many intriguing facts in history that make me curious. I am also curious about Native American topics and stories about veterans and the obstacles and challenges they have overcome in their lives.

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*Good luck building critical thinking skills and making connections in your curriculum as you embark on an Author Study Project!



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