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3 Quick Writing Lessons

Found Treasures

Have you ever found treasures tucked in your pockets?  A crumpled $10 bill is always nice.  When I was younger, I would find notes from my kids.  These little somethings put a smile on our face.

Today, I opened up a writing notebook (I have tons of them I am trying to corral in one place).  I wanted to jot down an idea.  I opened to the last page, and found a loose paper tucked in like a bookmark:

“Friends are like tea.  Different varieties peak at different times…with patience.”

I must have written the phrase, there isn’t a notation of a source.  It’s in the middle of other April 2014 notes I wrote in response to a writing task.

The quote made me stop and smile as I thought of my friends.  The last few weeks have been challenging and I so appreciate their compassion, knowledge, and encouragement. Friendship peaks at the high points (and low points) in our lives.  I have friends I lean on for prayer, to run with, and discuss ideas about anything.  I hope I am the kind of friend they can count on as well.

I am grateful for my friends, and the quick lessons I learned today about writing.

So, three lessons to remember when writing:

1- write down your brainstorm ideas and include other facts like dates, sources, settings or an brief explanation of how the idea came to you.  (I wish I knew what triggered the found note/quote)

2- keep your notebooks organized (I’m really trying)

3- writing treasures can be mined from found objects (who knows, one might end up as a blog post!)



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