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Writing for Children- Nonfiction KidLit

Writing for Children- Nonfiction KidLit

After some time to finish the school year, regroup and ponder, I am returning to my blog, writing for children – nonfiction KidLit – and I also am in the middle of a WIP.

I was blessed last Fall with an opportunity to discuss all of the WIPs with someone special. She offered guidance and I began to research a new topic. One on my list of things to do, but at the time, was not in the top three to research. And, so I started from scratch, went on a research trip, have been interviewing by phone, and collecting as much information I can. I’m writing again, which feels great! I’ll be sharing my journey – with tips on Writing for Children – Nonfiction KidLit here, too.

I’m excited about this WWII topic, this time, about a woman. I’ve known her for many years, in fact she helped me all the way through Sioux Code Talkers. She is a Lakota Elder and Army Veteran.

I’m taking a little break from my researching and writing to pop in to say I’m still here and you’ll hear more from me on a regular basis again. Thanks for stopping by!


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