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Author: Andrea

5 blog post I discovered (UBC Day 25)
As you know, I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) for the month of January. During this time, I’ve enjoyed reading other
This Is Me poem (UBC Day 24)
As soon as I read this Ultimate Blog Challenge prompt, I felt a poem would be a perfect response. Keep in mind – this
25 Awards for Native Authors and Illustrators (UBC Day 23)
Be inspired by this 2024 Native Creative list – book award winners announced this week. American Library Association Announces 2024 Winners Newbery Honor Book
Research Challenges for Children's Authors (UBC Day 22)
Children’s authors writing nonfiction or fiction will find a time when they must do some research. Here are some research challenges and links to
Blogging is like Baking (UBC day 21)
A fun, visual answer to today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt.
Traditional vs Self-Publishing UBC day 20 blog post
I knew I wanted to pursue traditional publishing. As technology made self-publishing an option, I weighed the pros and cons and made my decision.
Being In Community bucket list (UBC Day 19)
What’s on my bucket list? I’d like to travel and have an extended visit with my family. Both sides. I’d love to be in-community