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Author: Andrea

What the Number 4 Means in Native Culture day 4 blog post
Native View: Number 4 is Important The number four is important to Native cultures and is symbolized on the four Directions Circle, or Medicine
Someone I admire UBC day 3 blog post
UBC writing prompt #3 – Who is someone I admire and why? People I admire are role models who help me see possibilities. This
How I got started in my niche blog post
Happy Writing! Andrea Related Posts Native Authors Craft the Best Sentences World Read Aloud Day Questions & Answers and Book List
One word Community Jan 2023 blog post
Happy New Year! It’s time to try again – whatever your goals may be. Over the years, I’ve seen different ways of approaching New
Celebrating Indigenous Culture Everyday Past, Present, and Future Author Events 
Celebrating Indigenous Culture Everyday: Past, Present, and Future Author Events  My mother grew up on reservation lands. I did not. But I love visiting
Discover 6 Tools Authors Use to Emotionally Bond Young Readers with a Story
How do young readers bond with a story? The Craft Children’s authors have a responsibility to connect with and engage the emotions of their
Grow as an Author and Use These 7 Tools to Craft Compelling Scenes
How do writers move a story along? As an author, crafting a page-turning scene engages readers and brings your story to life. A well-structured